Geometric Wood Flooring

Geometric wood flooring is a flooring style that uses shapes to create unique and eye-catching patterns. These patterns are made by using individual blocks or by bonding together seamless, tongue and groove planks. Two popular collections that use this style of flooring are the Newport Collection, which is made from individual diamond blocks, and the Meadow Collection, which uses pre-made parquet planks for faster installation.

Using geometric patterns in wood flooring has become increasingly popular due to the distinctiveness and beauty of the designs. The use of different geometric shapes allows for an almost endless number of design possibilities. These designs can be used to create focal points, add interest to large commercial projects, or to add a unique touch of class to a residential space.

Overall, geometric wood flooring is a beautiful and versatile flooring option that can be used to create a more welcoming and visually interesting environment.

Chevron Wood Flooring

Discover the sophisticated allure of chevron wood flooring

Chevron wood flooring installation in a residential property
Plank Wood Flooring

Choose beautiful plank wood flooring from JackEvie

Plank wood flooring made from engineered European oak
Herringbone Wood Flooring

Elevate your space with stunning herringbone wood floors

Herringbone wood floor installation in a commercial setting
Mixed Width Wood Flooring

Browse our stunning range of random width wood floors

Mixed width wood floors using mixed colours and surface treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Geometric wood flooring is a type of wood flooring that features a pattern or design created by arranging wood planks in a specific geometric pattern. Unlike traditional wood flooring, which typically features a straight or diagonal installation pattern, geometric wood flooring can be installed in a variety of shapes and designs, including triangles, diamonds, herringbone, and chevron patterns.

  • Geometric wood flooring can be used in a variety of rooms and settings, depending on the specific design and pattern of the flooring. Geometric flooring is great choice for creating a focal point or highlighting a specific area. For a truly unique look, some opt for geometric wood flooring with contrasting colours. This can be a great choice for creating a modern or eclectic look, and can be used in a variety of rooms.

  • There are many design options available for geometric wood flooring, as the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating unique and custom patterns. There are many design options available for geometric wood flooring, and the best pattern will depend on your personal style, the overall design scheme of your space, and your budget.

  • One of the benefits of geometric wood flooring is that it can be designed and configured in many different ways to fit the specific needs and style of a particular room or space. Options for geometric wood flooring can include the size and shape of the planks, the orientation and direction of the pattern, and the overall design and layout of the pattern. By working with a professional flooring company, it's possible to create a truly unique and custom design that perfectly complements the style and decor of a particular room.

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